A Rank system for NPC's

I was thinking about the proficiency of NPCs, and I was thinking, Some NPC’s of their group should be more/less skilled than others. Then I thought about ranks. It would be vital in many cases, NPC Battles, missions, Machinima, and stuff like that. I don’t really know anything about coding, but I think it would be a good project for someone, and would be loved by a lot of people.

Anyways, the ranks should be that of the army, Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Captain, etc…

The higher the rank, the more proficient they are in, Accuracy, Amount per Heal (Medics), No. of grenades (Combines), and Overall Health. Their rank symbol (Chevron) should also be shown above their head, which can be enabled/disabled in the options/settings of the Rank System tool category.

I´m probably just clogging up your thread with this but, AWESOME! I would love the rank mod!


Please can´t a modder answer? I really want this mod!

This wouldn’t be too easy.

With a player it is easy to set levels and whatnot, NPC’s don’t have the flexibility of a player.

Well if you spawn an NPC, it will be a default rank (1), and then you set the ranks of NPC’s with a tool in the category of NPC Ranking. NPC’s can also level up determined on how many kills they get, or even how many times they heal (medic). If it were this way, NPC’s should be able to have the flexibility.

wow, this looks like it would be really cool, someone please make this!

I had a feeling some people would like this. If only someone took the liberty to make it.

Maybe someone would do it, ask Zoey or somebody else talented.

I just might ask Zoey.

They have a proficiency addon that increases accuracy, but it doesnt work the way your rank system does.

I’ve seen the proficiency addon, but yea, The Rank System is basically that but it’s separated into any NPC, not the group.

Bump, Anyone post if you are interested or wanting to code it.


Bumping after a long time. Maybe this could be a nice little project or something to do on free time. I still think it would be useful.