A rather odd Fretta scoreboard issue

Looks nothing of how it should look:


Is this a issue of my gamemode being non team based? Here’s my Fretta settings:

GM.AllowAutoTeam = true
GM.AllowSpectating = true
GM.SelectClass = false
GM.SecondsBetweenTeamSwitches = 0
GM.GameLength = 10
GM.RoundBased = false
GM.NoPlayerDamage = true
GM.NoPlayerSelfDamage = true
GM.NoPlayerTeamDamage = true
GM.NoPlayerPlayerDamage = false
GM.NoNonPlayerPlayerDamage = false
GM.TakeFragOnSuicide = false
GM.AddFragsToTeamScore = false
GM.TeamBased = false
GM.RoundPreStartTime = 0
GM.NoAutomaticSpawning = true

Any help?


Fixed, having a teams id as zero seems to be a “Bullshit” team.