A Re-Release of Evolve Admin GUI compatible with DarkRP

Hey guys, I’ve gotten a PM about Evolve working for DarkRP, and people wanting it. So here, just for you guys!


Oh btw, trying to get publicity for my RP server, try it out :stuck_out_tongue:
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So what changes does this actually make?

Aannnnddd you got permission from overv right?

He posted about it in Overv’s thread and I certainly didn’t see him complain…

I took off a few plugins, including plugins that interfer with DarkRP. I also added sh_motd.lua and that should enable MOTD’s. Put your MOTD in data>evolvemotd.txt :slight_smile:
Oh btw, it will put resource.AddFile(“evolvemotd.txt”) in your resource.lua for you:)
If you need to update your MOTD, go to your sh_motd.lua file, and rename the parts that say evolvemotd.txt to evolvemotd2.txt and re-upload your file with the 2. And the next time, 3…4…5… etc:)

Goodluck guys.

Plugins removed : sh_imitate.lua

Aw, I was hoping that it would integrate DarkRP admin and Evolve admin…ah well

Hm, that’s a good idea, but im not much of a lua coder myself. Sorry to disappoint, this just works with DarkRP. Hm, and what do you mean integrate by the way?

Since when should dark rp ever be concerned.

Since it’s the second most popular gamemode for Garry’s Mod.

Integrate as in when I ban from the tab menu, it’s an evolve ban and not a DarkRP ban

That may be true, But its still a pile of shit.

Don’t join that bandwagon please. It’s coded pretty well now, I hear.

Indeed it is, however its playerbase is still filled to the brink with mingebags.

For sure, QFT. But that may be how life is sometimes, i guess we live with it. I rp with my real life friends, and we pwn. :smiley:

Sorry, it’s not.
This isn’t bandwagoning, this is testimony from someone who’s gone through the code.
Still, it could be a lot better than it used to be, I hadn’t checked it out a year ago, for which I am glad.