A re-skin of a model?

Hello. I was wondering if someone could re-skin the SWAT models in this pack to make them wear white undersuits instead of of blue, and to have the apple logo on the back of the vest:

Apple logo:


I would do it myself if I wasn’t on a mac.

If you do decide to take this up, please do not make them too bright. Maybe a darker white, but not grey. Its a bit confusing, I know.

Not to sound like an ass, but that’s completely irrelevant. To my knowledge, Photoshop can be used on a Mac or a PC, and I think the same goes for GIMP. Just get a VTF plugin for the respective program (assuming you have either), and you can open the files and make the changes you would like.

Excuse me for the bump, as I have not checked up on this thread in quite some time, but me being the cheap bastard that I am, I would rather avoid paying $200 for a simple re-skin.

As for GIMP, I have yet to find a VTF plug-in that is available for Macs.

I could try doing it.
Just don’t expect much.
And don’t expect anything good either :v:

I’ll take what I can get. Thank you.

Okay, I’ve done the pants, I’ll see if I can do the rest when I get home from school today.
Stay tuned.

Will do, Capitan.

Also could you get me a transparent version of the apple symbol?

Bump. Any progress?

Oh crap, haven’t done anything else than the pants yet, but, I’ll see if I can do some more now

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Okay done.


PM me for the link.

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almost forgot, back picture :V


Looks awesome! Thanks for taking up my request.

Just wineskin vtfedit