A real radtown experience, how gameplay time supposed to be spent.

I always pitied radtown as a name for like 10 buildings covered in full radiation.

(In advance, I’ve seen the concept arts, teasing cool monuments and malls and so on)

I have always dreamed of radtowns being a lengthy missions. Like these towns would lay there like biome sized big places, where radiation is always changing from location to location. You would have to tour inside these towns for a good 20 to 60 minutes, going deeper and deeper into the centre to multi-storey buildings to find stuff, hiding from roaming hordes of hostile NPC-s, hearing your rad device becoming loud in an instant. Where you feel tension, and in addition there are the players. It would not be a place where someone builds a goddamn fort and the whole loot area is covered for his team, but there would be players more than average, and you would not be completely ruined if someone builds a shelter in a rad-safe small territory, or the concept teased sewer.

This is how gameplay time supposed to be spent with more fun over running out of your house to farm some rocks and trees nearby, and going in for a sec to find stuff in radtowns.

These towns may need player created content (houses, buildings), which devs nod yes, and they will be spawned in generated towns from now on to have variety.

There would still be the huge wilderness, with airdrops, monuments like gears, radwolves/bears, and the basic resources for building.

i’d agree - the rad towns should be as you describe. perhaps the only place to find special/advanced bps?? it would almost separate the game to a doom type thing, then a building/gathering type like it is now

No, that would be good to hold the whole thing together. Rust is considered the all at once game, where you dont want countless gamemodes, you want to do everything on one map, one server. There are games for low danger gathering crafting and siege (like earlier minecraft, and reign of kings), and there are doom only skyscraper games (like nether). These games do their best (khmkhm early access shitting) at their own area, rust would have to be different.

I imagine it something like a realistically sized town/city, with it realistically changing type buildings. Like family houses outside, then malls, multistorey living houses, then the city-centre. I would rather imagine it to be like the first STALKER’s pripyat, than a skyscraper american thing.

I think radtowns will improve once the team enables the player to enter into buildings if they are designed that way yet. It would be difficult to get such large towns as you mention to fit in with the procedural landscape as it is. The game needs more atmosphere before they should consider adding in their concept art radtowns which can be seen in this topic http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1467900.

Another disappointment of an experience is when caves were implemented. I remember in the devblogs these were posted.

How beautiful, not sure whether these were actually implemented / or just concept art for the devblog to make it look fuller and a sense of more progress but instead we got these.

The game has come a long way but I think they need to implement more character into the environment. I’m sure it will come but I would love to see ground fog in forest floors and some sort of environmental indication that radiation is present. They are getting there though it will come in time, rad towns and the environment are forever improving you just have to look at devblogs from months ago to see the steady change :slight_smile:

They are quite old concepts/biome models, they were made on the very beginning of the experimental, the time they started making maps.

Sometimes rust feels like developers cannot really make the game to contain more than a few buildings at once, trees were nerfed in numbers not long ago. The devblog says, that the quarry (that automining stuff) is made by recycled textures, and that makes me worry, what generated buildings will look like. I hope, thats the cause of the extremely badly optimised experimental, and that the game engine is capable of a lot more than that.

This is actually really good input, the rad-towns you’re describing sound like what they should have always been which is a place where people WANT to be, not just small areas that people sprint through.

You have some really good ideas here and I’d like to see another post with some more ideas for this sort of semi-biome sized rad area.

Immediately im sure some people will say that it would be too populated and no one would even use the rest of the map since this area would have good loot and high traffic, but if this rad area has little to no resources available then it would mean players would still have to build outside the walls of the place (I imagine it’d be enclosed but have big cave-sized cracks in the walls all around so theres no bottleneck situation).

Really good post though, more people with this idea of rad towns should speak up and start making a movement towards this improved concept.

Thx bro, I did not really have any posts to date, which someone praised in comment. :smiley: I almost had like dumb or unseen ones 50%-50%.

The best option would be for players to always have choice, all of them viable and having pros over each other, thus you could survive almost anywhere on the map, the city being quite harsh to select as one.

It seems a bit ridiculous living in vicinity of valuable loot, but consider the conditions. You are in an extremely dangerous location, with deadly AI which can kill in seconds, you almost always have radiation going on. Making that radiation increase while being asleep, may result in a much more “sophisticated” living: You are destined to live in the sewers with something like a dirty tent, and wooden walls. The water is completely undrinkable of course, you need atleast a cleaner, if not a good 30 minutes (way there) of tour to the wild for gaining drink and food, not to talk about minable resources and trees, though you may find a few in the city too.

Of course as I told, you would have more viable choices like outer town, or outer outer town, and you still not live in wilderness.