A really simple request, something I tried and failed. A Card mesh.

I tried for about 2 hours now, and just cannot get this down. I figured someone knowing what they are doing can help. Hell, I even whipped this up for the UV map if it helps any. It also shows the dimensions I want, which no current Gmod card models fit, or I’d have just taken one of those. I figure if someone knows how to get a nice small card mesh up and going, I don’t need any texture work done, or for it to be compiled for source, just an .SMD file is all I need.

As for how small, think about the size of a smart phone in comparison to a Citizen’s hand. Doesn’t need to be super precise, we do have the resizer tool after all.

Thanks in advance.

I figure I should try at least one bump, if not, it’ll just sink to the bottom again, no big deal.

Here you go. Didn’t really have anything to use as a size comparison, so I sort of winged it.

I’m sorry, but how can you fail to make a simple plane?

In any case, here you go.

EDIT: Fucking A. Mine’s to scale with the ValveBiped though.

You both got ninja’d by Zurf3r, and I forgot to mention that when he contacted me, sorry about that.

And I made the mesh, I just utterly failed at the UV mapping in Blender, Even with tutorials I could only map one of the sides.