A Rebel Charge Fails

There’s several different edits to this picture. (The rebel on his knees is moving the leg that’s floating off the ground; you can’t really see that it’s bloodied with the way the lighting worked out)




C&C. I would like to know which edit is the best.

Lighting is fairly nice but the blood is terrible. It overlaps areas it would not naturally get to and is far too bright and puffy.

Which is the best? The first one, based purely on the fact that in the other pictures the muzzleflash looks pretty bad.

Posing is quite decent.

Yeah, the blood was abysmal. I’m still trying to get good at using it.

Thanks anyway.

Er…uppity bump up.

err…good posing,good lighting,bad blood

I like the lighting on the 3th pic more, it makes it have a warmer look, like when the sun goes down!
But as everyone said, the blood looks bad.

I don’t see a failing charge but rather a failing retreat.
Plus, the citizen in the middle, who is “covering” is head, he doesn’t look like running in panic.
He stands too much up and his walk looks too slow.

To sum it up:
Different lightings and attempts of post-effects (blood-splatter) won’t do s#!t when the main material sucks. Practise more on posing before you do anything else.

It’s the angle. There was not much I could do about the guy running at the camera.

That’s a lame excuse.
This is propably the way you wanted to show him: running in fear for his life.


Through the folding of the legs, putting them a bit “behind” the upper body, you give him the sence of speed.
The same goes with the arms and the whole body itself … Nobody runs for his life straight up.

That one looks like he is looking at the camera saying “What the fuck is that?”.

Yeah, faceposing was a bit too quick.
Normaly i take up to 15 minutes for this.

I see where you’re coming from, but the example doesn’t look that realistic. For some reason, I read it as more of an “EGAD RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!” humor comic run.

Blood appears to be on the screen more than coming from them.
But thats all I can say, and its been said before.

Blood is wierd. Nice posing.

The blood is strange and so is the guy running. Also, how are those two rebels being shot if the combine isn’t firing? :v:

Edit: Oh, now I noticed the combine firing on the wooden beams. Nevermind.

2nd edit is my fav.