A rebel considers assasinating a metrocop.


Or whatever you wanna call it. My first pose, any criticism?

and the unedited, if thats your thing :v:


not much differnece actually, because i didnt want to over-do it :v: edited in paint.net.

Jesus christ you’re playing on 640x360?!

No. Just the size I chose. I can re-upload it to be bigger if you want.

This isn’t the stone age you know. A lot of people have 1600x900+ these days

reupload of the edited but bigger :v:



The editing is more visible now.

I remember stuff like this in 05, and it was considered good enough. :v:

So im using outdated methods or someting? m’kay. what would you suggest?

I sort of miss the old days. Now, if you don’t spend two+ hours editing your picture in photoshop, it’s no good.

I wish the ragdoll poses section was back for no editing.

Though it didnt take two hours, the editing took some tweaking but i probably could have spent more time on it. is the editing just right or…?

I was walking about the screenshots section in general. A lot of people are spending hours and hours in photoshop to make one screenshot. While most of the results look pretty cool, a few years ago times were simpler.


but id still like some Constructive criticism so i can get better :ohdear:

Look at other screenshots, compare their angles with yours, their posing with yours. Improve accordingly.

point taken, having a look 'round


Now to go over it.

i guess i could have made him look more disgruntled, and prehaps have been pulling the slide, and maybe have been with someone, and maybe zoomed in closer?


and less empty space. coulda added more people?


or i could have zoomed… but with the location of the pose i doubt it woulda worked…

you whining troll is probably his first time doing this just take a look the date he joined facepunch

sparrow before you finish your image make sure you increase everything resoultion,antialiasing etc. then take the shot so they won’t start saying shit at your works

Point taken… again :v:

Just improve the AA really, And i guess we will have those who will whine about the size. Not everyone has super big ass screen.

take a look of this nerdy guy screen and take a look the comments i left on it
crazy nerds these days

7680x1600…? really? :s it’s just a monitor. Even 1024x780 is just fine.

= hurr hurr hurr i have epic uber giant monitor and you not losers hurr hurr hurr.
who the hell need this exagerrated and expensive shit when you can buy an old school monitor of 1600x1200 resolution for 10 dollars (like me)