A Rebel Contemplating His Daily Activites in a Garage

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Get back to work Hendrickson!

Pretty fucking awesome!


As usual your lighting is awesome.
Posing is great as well.

It’s nice or some shit.

Nice fingerposing.

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Just sayin’ ‘Nice’ will suffice.

his torso O_o. You can use the liquify option in filters to fix that part of his body

“Hm,I must rub my chin or else I won’t look like I’m thinking!”

He told me to ‘Just say nice or some shit’ and it was done.

I don’t do too much editing in photoshop, I’d just fuck it up if I tried.

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Post something of value.

Is he wearing eyeliner?

No, he’s not.

FYI, all I did was shade the fingers and some minor areas on his body, nothing more was changed other than in-game color modding, bloom and SDoF.


I didn’t mean to be so forcefull. :ohdear:

This body looks a bit crooked but other than that, its great.

Lovely lighting and posing.

Posing looks a bit stiff.

I disagree.

I disagree. The guy on the far left and the one directly behind him looks stiff.