A rebel looks towards the heavens and shouts a prolonged "NOOOO!!"

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This came to mind when I saw his face.

He must be pretty strong holding her like that.

Oh well, I like it.

maybe she’s bulemic or something

that’s very insensitive sir this is serious thread so stop griffon

you talkin robocop son?

have an emil

We need some robocop-themed poses get to it

Particularly mutated emils

Looks like he is singing.

“Yaaaaaay” …

(Not trying to be racist…)
Cause he has motherfucking black hands!

I like it too…

I just had to

I also like this pic :buddy:
Its awesome that they filmed it in Dallas, I live near there so yah.

I just had to laugh at his face. Everything is nice except for the fact that his face looks like he is happy about her death. The blood seems low-def and ugly but that is how th eblood is so yea.

I would’ve top it but I can’t cause I couldn’t find the vid…

“Do you like it like that? I like it like that!”
Anyway back to seriousness

I believe that the funny was ruined because you said you weren’t trying to be racist.

Not that it was very witty in the first place

Nigga I don’t give a fuck

I still would’ve lol’d

The pose is nice, but the blood and face aren’t too great. Still a pretty nice picture.