A rebel shoots his way through Civil Protection


C&C. Please don’t hurt me.

  1. Dual pistols are completely unrealistic.
  2. -snip-
  3. Why is he using a pistol when he has a perfectly good M4 right there?
  1. Yeah.
  2. They’re Five-seveNs, those use bottlenecked casings.
  3. Yeah.

Disagree with

THAT, bitches.

See the bottlenecked casings?

The FN Five-Seven uses the same rounds ad the P90 (5.7mm), and I agree with this post. Good posing, though.

  1. Maybe. It’s not meant to be realistic. Half-Life itself is completely unrealistic.

  2. The 5.7mm cartridge the FN P90 uses is identical to the one used in the FN Five-Seven, hence the name. That’s why the P90 is a submachine gun and not an assault rifle: it uses pistol rounds.

  3. He could be out of ammo for the M4. It was just decorative for the picture.

I’m seeing rifle cartridges getting ejected.
That’s what they look like, at least.

it looks pretty cool, sort of like a shot out of a movie

the only thing I found weird was his arms aren’t ‘bent’ enough?

if that makes sense?

You can do dual pistols… It’s not smart, and you can’t hit anything with them, but you can do it… Also, I could see those being legit cartridges. The FN 5-7 shoots 5.7x28 I believe. That’s necked the way those are, so it’s plausible. Reminds me of the matrix, when Neo busts in to save Morpheus, cross drawing two Vz.61 Skorpions…

No, more the MP5Ks. The Skorpions were later.


Dual pistols are mostly useful for action films, people who do nothing but hone their shooting skills (see: that Marksmen TV show), and hurling as many bullets as possible downrange to make everyone run and hide. Oh yeah, and terrorists stupid enough to buy a pair of M9s, as with CSS.

Beretta 96G Elites, actually. .40 S&W rather than 9mm.

Muzzleflashes look so obviously copied and pasted from a Google search? Did you alter them at all? They’re not giving off any light.


I completely forgot to do that. They weren’t completely just copied and pasted…the ingame muzzle flash wasn’t what I needed, and the real ones didn’t look right.

Perhaps. Never saw it.

Reminds me of Equilibrium and Wanted. Nice pic

Reminds me of Wanted.

The box cover for that game Wanted was part of the inspiration. I couldn’t bend the arms to do quite the same thing, though.

Yeah, but they’re bad-ass

  1. Dual Pistols are badass!
  2. He needs to save the more powerful gun on powerful enemies(not metrocops)
  3. Shut the fuck up and stop being so pessemistic.

Like accent walls. And Cortez.

That could also be why. I didn’t put it on his back with a specific purpose in mind.