A rebel standing with a SMG, ready to shoot

Yes, I lied. It’s my personal skin.
Yeah, so I did not get enough crit in the PS thread, so I decided to post out here, I think it’s good enough for that.


Please, C&C!

The pose is perfect. I don’t like that skin though.

wait a sec what is a c&c ?

Comment and Criticize.


For a personal skin it doesn’t look retarded, so it’s okay, man.

It’s great!

Looks neat, I love how you dont use SHEFing anymore, your pictures look so much better.
Great posing as well.

Thanks guys :smiley:
Oh and Chesty, I’m not a pro in skinning but I will stick with this until I find a reason to change or update it.

The skin itself is fine in terms of quality, but I don’t like the purple hair and gloves and all that jazz.

Rim lighting’s cool.