A rebel sticks a poster on a wall, gets noticed by a CP.

More versions/updates below
It’s a simple pose, I’m not good at it but i’m guessing it takes practice.
And no, the metrocop isn’t posed, it’s me running.

I need to photoshop some stuff in it, too.

Edit: Cranked up my graphics a bit.

Other versions (metrocop in different positions)

also zoom in and find a better angle so it doesn’t look fish-eyed

Hmm, i’ll work on that. I understand the default animations suck, but my running or walking poses suck even more.
Little work with gimp.

I think i went too far and it got all blurry, but it certainly fixed the amount of artifacts in the wall, and i love that lighting.

No pun intended?

Never use playermodels or NPC’s in your pictures, it makes you look like a lazy tool. So don’t. Unless that’s what you’re aiming for, of course. Then go right ahead.

Do I really need to tell you that you need to improve your posing? It looks pretty unrealistic at the moment, mate: Try standing up and striking different poses to see what they would look like in real life. You can also look at yourself in a mirror to see it from a better angle. Hope it helps.

Also, remember to always set jpeg_quality to 100 and to set your graphical settings to highest. That includes anti-aliasing!

The legs are bent awkwardly.



haha i love this, great comedy value

Do I smell NPC?

No you smell the books with a warning sign.