A rebel tank taking out a strider

A pose I posed a long time ago. Please give me lots and lots of C&C on the effects since I need lots of practice.


not a fan of the explosion on the strider
though the rest is good

The camera angle is pretty bad considering how much of the screen the tank takes up and all of the muzzleflashes and effects being crowded on the left of the picture, with absolutely nothing on the right.

The editing is quite good though. The shading improves the picture quite a lot. You’ve got to do something with the lighting other than shading though like mess with saturation, colour balance, gradients and such because the picture totally lacks any atmosphere.

The posing is good although the rebels kinda look uninterested.

Thanks for the C&C.


Also, I did a little bit of changing the contrast and color correction. I guess it doesn’t show that much.

Well lets get this started!

explosion on the strider : Like it. Sparks are a nice touch, just needs more of an “impact” feel to it, add a slight radial blur around it maybe? little bit of debri or smoke from the impact, not sure.

BarrelFlash (:v:) : Looks nice. personally again, i would have smudged smoke all over the place but it’s nice and clean.

Fire in the house / Smoke : I like the smoke, i like the sparks, i like it all except the smoke has little depth. Selecting the layer of the smoke and doing “filter -> render -> lighting effects” set it to Omni and then set the colour the same as the fire, position it at the bottom of the smoke then screw around with the intensity. This will make the colour reflect on the bottom of the smoke and upwards making it seem like the light from the fire. It’s a nice effect, but takes some twiddling.

Angle is nice. What i REALLY don’t like are those robotic Rebels. I mean seriously, they don’t look dynamic to the scene AT ALL! Buzz kill for this picture in my opinion :slight_smile:

I don’t know what the Rebel’s doing facing the House on the right.

“Anyone comes from that wall and i’ll show 'em!”
“Yep… That wall is mine”
“Nothing coming from that wall”

“Ramierez! stare at that wall!”

That explosion is nice, but I think it needs more of an effect on the strider, like a leg flying off or something.

As mentioned before, right of the picture could have been cropped off completely, and the guy randomly staring at the building is weird.
The glowing window in the house to the left looks out of place and distracting.
The strider could be reacting more to the impact of the shell, like having its head recoiling to the side.
The smoke from the building lacks depth. Add some more shading to it.
It would have looked better if the tank’s flash was illuminating the surrounding area. Would have helped to add contrast to the picture.
The embers floating up in the smoke look a little plain. It would look better having them as thin red and orange lines.
The glow from the explosion and muzzleflashes would look better if it was more red-orange rather than yellow/orange.
When shading, it often looks better to add some ambient shadows from the daylight (like ambient occlusion that you see in games) Get a big fuzzy brush, and lightly shade any concave areas.
Lastly, try adding vignetting. Create an inward gradient around the edge of the picture to help add a focal point.

Hope this helps.

“Frontlines-Fuel of war”

Red star tank.

Good for you.

My thoughts exactly.

I thought it was going to be a l4d tank in rebel clothes taking out a strider.

This is still pretty good though.

Son, you just gave me an idea.