A Rebel train stops by a forest station to resupply.

This section has a huge shortage of trains.


textured up the diesel but other than that, it’s a scenebuild.


I spy a hammer and sickle.

Since HL2 happens in Eastern Europe it could be an old train for the Soviet Union repainted by the rebels.

Nice picture man.


Great scenebuild and angle as well, shows everything pretty nicely.

I like it.

Nice. Simple but good.

I thought HL2 was in russia.
Considering all the russian text everywhere.

It is?

Enough of discussing game location. It’s in a slavic area. Settled.

Any railworks ports out there?

That’s a cool idea except that if the combine find out, the rebels are fucked because there arent really that many places you can hide a train

I like this picture, it has personality. but the quality seems a bit low.

I dont see a picture.

Edit: Never mind. Came up on the 3rd refresh.