A rebel walking away from a little skirmish


Yup. Nothing too special. And the rebel is just about to light his cigarette.

Blood needs some work.

Looks like he hitman aced everyone

Yeah, I know. I’m better with small blood spatters.
Reffering to Combine there.

It looks more like he’s jogging.

He does, doesn’t he.

I don’t like the angle.

This reminds me of the first picture I posted here, except this got alot better posing and no blood spam :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice posing man, blood is nice, but it needs to be darker in the middle(I mean a black spot to simulate the bullet hole).

Thanks for the comments.

I at first though the title said squeamish and he was holding his mouth and stomach… but now I saw that its skirmish and hes actually smoking… Make it a little more clear next time on what hes doing, other then that its OK.

White man with black hands? :ohdear: