A RED Scouting Party investigates a recently abandoned BLU outpost





** Serious crits are encouraged, but any comments are acceptable :slight_smile: **

Looks a bit too blurry.

I like the atmosphere; i’d add more lightning and some rain.

Good choice of music, that makes TF2 look really different.

the map has rain, it just didn’t show up as well as I expected.

I’ll see if I can ‘shedit’ it in.

I made that up. It stands for “shoddy edit” :q:

by tha whey

This is for a TF2-basec conspiracy thriller comic if any of you guys are interested in comics that never get finished.

-The colors look great against the map’s naturally gray style. You’ve managed to create art out of TF2’s silly, cartoony context.
-I think the pictures would have a much different atmosphere if the sniper were Blu - it seems like he’s been in that hiding spot for a while, and it seems like he’s aiming at the Reds instead of in front of them.
-The soldier’s right shoulder seems a bit twisted, which kind of hurts the immersion of the picture.
-I think the soldier should be using a slightly more “beefy” weapon, like his shotgun. The SMG just looks too small for him.
-The sniper’s rifle is clipping with the sniper’s shoulder, and it’s not clear how he’s holding it.
-The demoman and engineer appear to be standing off balance, you should work on their posing. If you’re using the default TF2 models, you might find the “TF2 Better Phys” pack helpful.

Thanks! While I’m downloading that, have a dinosaur-riding mercenary


Great camera angles.

Great camera angle with the sniper.
But does the soldier have an SMG?

  1. because he’s a badass elite commando trained to use any weapon or vehicle

  2. Because I was too lazy to replace the hl2 shotgun skin with the tf2 shotgun skin

the stock is going into the snipers arm



Lol the SMG looks dwarfed with the soldier holding it.
Engie just seems to be standing there trying to get out of the picture.

Hm, wonder what happened to them…

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