A RED Sniper in midst of a battle with a BLU Pyro

All in-game, except the letterbox effect and the “MISS!” text.
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Media tag it.

Otherwise it looks pretty good.

I like it. Especially the way the sniper’s hiding his face.

I like it, I like how the sniper is covering himself.

I like it. For the same reasons

Great. I like how in-game it looks.

Ah, if only the Razorback was that useful…Great posing, it looks very in-game.

ok who rate gaybow

It should have write BLOCK instead of MISS, in the mean time i like it, as the 3 second post said.

I like it!
Any chance you could upload one without text so i could use it as a desktop wallpaper? xD

Sure mate, here you go.

Thanks for using it as a wallpaper. :cheers:


Thankyou very much! :slight_smile:

bump lolololol

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Your threads seem to staly alive for 3 days

i like turtles!

I hate you.

What the actual crap. He’s using a revolver. That isn’t supposed to happen. What about the SMG? Have EVERYBODY forgot about that one?

I wish people would stop saying that.

I just wanted a change…