A reference for blend textures.

I don’t think this has been done before but anyways, here it is. I just threw this together to refer to to choose proper blend textures. In the texture browser for hammer, it doesn’t tell you which blends have detail sprites or what they even look like. This map does though. It shows 113 different blend textures. I just used the ones in the EP2 engine that are commonly used in the game though. Each rectangle is a different texture split into two, the left showing one alpha, and the right showing the other. I’ve included a Readme to show you which rectangles are which, which is what all of the numbers are for, and extra info.

Here’s an overhead pic of the whole thing:


Since this was just quickly thrown together, I only used what I could find in hammer. Which led to many defects with the numbers:


But, keep in mind that this is an initial version, so later versions WILL, for sure, have this fixed.

Speaking of later versions, tell me, should I make another version with more blend textures and fixed numbers? Or should I just forget about it since it’s a stupid idea? If you want a better one without all of the crappieness of this one, vote yes. Otherwise, no.


At the bottom, the link that says [forums]

nice idea, but you could have used an flipped 6 for a 9.

You can rotate decals?

you can rotate overlays

you can in 2d views.

I was not aware of that. Thanks.

Oh damn, that’s right.

And thanks for that.

EDIT: The 9s are really small, but I just uploaded a v1.1 with that. The difference with the new version that I may make is that the numbers will be properly sized.

Ok, since right now this thread will probably die, and there are 3 votes, all saying yes, then I will begin work on a new version as soon as I can.

But one more question I have is, should I include the .vmf file with the download?


Just noticed this thread, worth the attention.