A Refugee Smoking On A Rooftop

This is my first time posing/editing so please don’t be too harsh. Plus I know the editing is really sucky.


C&C please.

I like it, great first pose. Have an arty. :buddy:

Pro tip, create the smoke in a new layer so you don’t smudge the background…

Also create more layers of depth for the smoke, so it isn’t just a straight single line of smoke.

Thanks for the C&C guys, I’m reading V-Mans GIMP tutorial. I’m also struggling making combat poses, but I’m remembering, practice practice practice.

Pretty sick.

A rooftop? Surely you jest!
It looks like he’s sitting on the bank.

The house which he is ontop is pretty small :v:

Looks ok.

All I see is clipping and the smoke from the cigarette is pretty bad (looks like you painted and smudged it).
Nice posing though :]