A reggae guy is charging to a badguy while shooting another badguy.



Nice posing, but it’s terribly generic as usual.

Also, you need to fix your muzzleflashes. Read this.

thanks, but i already saw that thread. and I want to make cross shape muzzleflashes.

that’s not battle territory’s AK74?
i gave battery client to chl0407, what’s goin on?


Stop using that glow/bloom/SHEF effect.

look at post date

Pic is pretty nice.
And what is that gun he’s firing with? That thing is sweet. Looks like some sort of FN2000/MP5 crossover thingie… dunno. I really want that w_model. Please.

it’s an f2000

please tell me what exactly looks even vaguely like it might’ve come from an mp5 on it, i’m genuinely perplexed

I guess you’re right. Must’ve been the color, what irritated me. And something reminded me of an MP5. Damn… can’t tell what exactly. Sorry.

sweet jesus that AN94 mag is… huge

what an-94

there is not one single an-94 in this picture

there is not even anything vaguely similar to an an-94 in this picture

what you are probably looking at is an ak-74m and, here’s a clue, that’s the size the mag should be. i dunno how you think these things work, but 30 bullets actually do take up quite a lot of space, even if they’re in a staggered double stack.

now will everyone PLEASE stop trying to impress each other with your (complete lack of) gun knowledge? it’s making those of us who actually know the first fucking thing want to strangle people.