A renewed video.

Was going to bury this, but a friend insisted after the frame rate and some graphic improvement. I didn’t have the will to change the silly snow noise interrupts.

Perhaps some interest for new FP users. I am comfortable with posing, not GMod movies.

oh my GOD, I cannot believe I watched that! ergh! this is for new members alright! Immature humour.

is disgusted

ну так нормально, ыыы

What he said.

Don’t be such a peice of crap. Atleast give him some crits…

Don’t use subtitles for dialouge.

Nobody wants to see ALyx anymore. Sorreh

sorry for being an arse lately. been having tough time.

Nobody wants to usually means I don’t want to:smile:
But thanks for related criticism. And I agree. But not bad after knowing GMod for only 6 months.


Yes personal issues belong in here don’t they?

That’s a lot of tits.

The girl at the end has an overworked on boobs. What about her ass?

I blew up her boobs for the fun of it yes. Didn’t touch her ass though. Even I have standards… Haha

Omg he used my map! He used my theater map! Duuuuude!