A request for Garry

Hello !

I am a french user and i never see any translation for french user (or other).
So Garry, if you found the time to make a translation, just post a reply and I will never forget this( if it say “I will make this translation”)!


GMod is - on the whole - user created content. It’s up to the developers to decide whether or not it’s worth translating their addon. The GMod menu already supports French.

The tools are not translated… et some time i use the wrong tool

Try changing your steam language to French might work,settings -> interface change language then exit steam reopen!

Simple: Learn how to speak English. I’m a Sweede and I speak it perfectly. English is international, so stop forcing others to put in massive efforts into something just because you’re too lazy to learn it.

English is apparently the hardest language to learn if your any language except English.


Ehem, fixed it.

Actually its not because it was proven that it takes longer for Children who speak Mandarin or any other language like that it takes them up to two years longer to learn to read and write properly.
Thank you BBC Radio 4.

I spoke perfect English when I was 10 years old, and i’m from Holland, can’t be that hard?

Well that’s you other people might find it hard.

I think Its just you…
Im from Sweden and i speak english perfectly.



He said speak, not type.

If you want to know what certain addons do, just run their names through Google Translate or something. You’ll get the gist of it.

That’s 1 way of learning English run it threw google translate, Bonjour!

The french are too “cool” to learn english, they don’t even learn it at the schools.

It’s so annoying really.

A good example of ignorance:

Rated funny because they do.