A request to all programmers/scripters here

So here is my request:
I 've been using animation software for long time and gmodding with a physgun is not really convinient.
Is there any kind of script that allows move ragdoll’s bones with helpers (like 3d max / maya)?
It could be extremly usefull .

Try Henry’s Animation Tool

This is coming soon in the next update:


Oh really?? Awesome.
Will it work with ragdolls?

I swear garry puts so much work into ragdolls, so I’m pretty positive it will be.

Well ragdolls have bones and the tool is called bone manipulator.

no, only crates.

yes ragdolls…

no, there is only a screenshot of a ragdoll being posed for shits and giggles.

I doubt it will work on players, but hopefully it will.

Have you ever considered using a thread title that does not tell exactly the same as the subforums title… Try saying “Animation helper” or something, so people can actually tell what you want -.-

0.0 How is this to do with lua coding

No those are NPC’s not ragdolls.

it does i have seen screen shots of the beta