A request

Would anyone be kind enough to code a promotion system which I can use on my DarkRp server. So after a certain amount of salarys of playing a job, you get a promotion which means a higher salary and better starting weapons.
For example if you play a cp for 10 salarys you start with a shotgun and get $10 more salary, then after 20 more salarys you get a better gun, more bonuses etc. Then this could be done with each job.

If anyone would be willing to do this please post back :). thanks

thatd be cool if all you had to get a promotion was to get your salary

Ye, but I’m not sure what else you could do it really. I suppose cops could do it from how many money printers they destory, but as to the other jobs. I’m not so sure. Gun dealers could be from makign so many shipments and stuff. I’m not sure how difficult this would be to code though.