A rescue team using a probe to look for survivors


entirely in-game, C&C please.

Posing looks good, angle too.
I think it’s too dark though.

that’s mostly because the map I used had some very dark color-correction on it, and it was difficult to compensate for without making the image look terrible. I’ll try to use brighter maps in the future.

Might be late as fuck, but then again, it’s never too late to try to help, I guess?
Anyway, “ColorCorrectionUi” in console and just uncheck “effects” or something that’s checked.

You could use lamps to highlight what you want.

Just a little more light. I can’t tell wha the big guy looks like.

Lamps and Light-bulbs work wonders on maps with effed up lighting.

Color mod is good, too, but only if you’re super careful