A Roleplay Map

Dead -snip-

Very very small. Lacks space and features.

Looks a little bit blocky. The texturing is alright, but make it less blocky.

Editing now


Like i said, it’s not done so just wait. It still needs a lake too.

Can i ask- what is the point of making such a small rp map?

I was planning on making a small rp map but i could change that if it really bothers you

Well…it seems pointless to make and release a rp map as small as that. I could throw plectrums further than the distance across your map.

Did you not READ what i typed? it is not done! that picture is not going to be the whole map, it is just what i have done.

A small map would be better for passive RP, obviously the people commenting are all DarkRPers who enjoy shooting anybody in a 5 mile radius…

Exactly my point!

i think i just found a map name, thanks sam6420 ^^

Did you?

You said you were making a small RP map.

And i AM making a small rp map. i just said i could make it bigger if people like you keep bitching about it.

I always feel bad when I see a map like this. It’s obviously by a very inexperienced mapper who doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into by releasing it on facepunch. Then the more experienced mappers give very valid criticism, which is almost always rejected by the author or at least makes him defensive. There’s usually someone, or even multiple people, who are inexperienced like the author and try to defend him (sam6420 in this case). In the end it usually discourages the author because he thought what he had to show was going to be received better and someone ends up looking like a jackass.

I just thought I’d post my thoughts on the matter of WIPs that really don’t have enough to show to warrant a thread. Sorry Panda, but you really should have put more time into this before putting it here. I understand you’re still working on it, but we can’t really be expected to praise this. Yet. I’m very open to the possibility of this becoming a great map, but at this point it’s hard to tell and it’s not looking so good.

As for CC, I think you need to establish a theme, then we can help more. I know you’re going for a small, few player map, but what kind? Suburban? Industrial? What? AT this point its impossible to tell what you’ve done wrong because there’s so little; it’s all very blocky and bland, but you couldn’t have worked on it for more than 30 minutes. And for next time, please post more than one picture and use

Picture URL

[/noparse] tags, like this:


i used

and it was not working for some reason but thanks for posting the picture. also, no need to troll

troll? Please explain.

Thank you. That’s what I thought too but I’m gonna wait to see his explanation.

He isn’t trolling.

well have you ever heard the phraze “Never judge a book by it’s cover”? that is what he basically did. just because he does not like the work in the picture, he posts a bad comment.

No cover to this book, a map is a map and two skilled mappers have given you feedback you refuse to accept, because you are one of the hundreds of overly-confident thick new mappers that landed on Facepunch recently. Most of us went through that stage, try benefit from it however difficult it may be.

Whatever, and the reason it makes me mad is because skilled mappers should be willing to help people like I who are still learning bits of mapping. instead of posting rude comments how about helping me with lighting and skyboxes, i posted about it in another thread.

Panda, you are acting exactly how he said in his post. Fucking great, another user who refuses to take criticism.