A Romance in Space

I seem to be getting into Sci-Fi poses more now. Most likely because of my Mass Effect hype. I made these a couple days ago at the same time I did the Elexis one (Not the Elexis + Saren one [for those who go to the sex pose thread]).

Saren’s a strange character to see as affectionate, but I’m twisted enough to envision it.



-Why do notes, Mr. Wolfe? 'Cause I feel like it, dingus.
-What is with you and Xenophilia lately Ben? Dunno lol, interspecies coupling is an interesting concept. Thanks District 9 :v:
-Is that facial clipping I see Mr. Wolfe? No, due to the brightness on Jessica’s nose, her nose blends with her cheek. Saren’s nose is beind her nose. Therefore it looks like clipping.
-Will we be seeing more of this gross xenophilia stuff? Dunno, If I get an idea that I like then sure. But to make sure my hormones aren’t completely fucked up, maybe not.
-How can they have sex with clothes on, Mr. Wolfe?
1.) They’re making out.
2.) You really want to see a nude turian? Don’t think so.
3.) I don’t have a nude Jessica model.
-Do you get turned on by this stuff, Mr. Wolfe? No, I know my boundaries.
-SHE’S CLAWING HIS HEAD, Mr. Wolfe! Rough love. :smug:

  • Are you angry Mr. Wolfe? Course not, what gives you that idea?
    -You’re scaring me Mr. Wolfe. D:
    -You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Fookin’ prawns!

  • What’s the time Mr. Wolfe? Couldn’t resist.

Great posing and editing but her weird fingers are annoying me :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet Jezuz.
Te fuck why did you took an alien? I mean the pictures is nice and all but its really awkward.

I like it.

I want that model for… stuff. :smug:

You, sir, made my day. :haw:


Thanks everyone.

I love that picture so much.

“On my planet we have 3 penises.”


First thing that came to my mind was :

BONK Ouch!


Great pose. Ah, how Mass Effect has introduced us to the concept of fucked up interspecies romance.

eewwww love.

Awwww, it’s gonna be messey later. Does he even have lips?

Doesn’t look like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks everyone!

Oh god…

Your posts keep convincing me you’re 12


I think it might bind her nude to the wall and make her pump out alien babbies but then again i am twisted like that

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks.

Awww, dude thats nasty :smiley: