A rondeveus between deathsquad members and a russian


This place was abandoned, left alone after the outbreak started in Russia, the Soviets contained it, they also covered it up. That was 50 years ago. A group of terrorists have found this town in the forest and have started collecting samples of the virus, At this point the only way you can get this virus by being in direct contact with the host. My squad of three was sent to put a end to the sample collection. But we do have back up, the Russians decided that they wanted to preserve interests in the area.
Thanks for the edit chesty!
teh scenebuildzors:
The skins are almost done just the attachments remain. (I.E. the back pack on the guy on the far left)

Oh cool. Didn’t think you were going to make a thread.

I wasn’t till my other one got ignord
lol bad spelling. I post on my ps3 to I don’t have a keyboard.

Nice. Alot better.

Rondeveus, LOL.

Rendez - vous.

grammar nazi. I don’t “rendezvous” with my friends every day you know?

Great picture.

Why are you putting rendezvous in quotes like he misspelled it? You don’t have to be so stuck up, “you know”.

the correct pronuciation is


I just get angry when someone bashes my horrible English and not spends their time giving me feedback on picture.

That’s the french “pronunciation” not the “correct” one.

That’s great people can we talk about the picture now?

Like the posing and smoke effect. Also like the scene build.
So good job Back_Slash and Chesty. :bravo:

Oh shi-

I jizzed a little.

In a good way?

Is there any bad way to Jizz?

if it’s to furry!

Nice posing, and great editing, Chesty.

Its just a shame about the graphics though, if it weren’t for your issues with AA your poses would be great.

“yes” “but” “it” “is” “a” “french” “word”

“would” “it” “not” “make” “sense” “to” “use” “the” “french” “pronunciation” “?”