A Rosie walking on the sea floor.


I messed up on the helmet’s bars, I know. C&C please.

Big daddies are water proof are they? Nice work. How did you mess up the helmet bars? They look ok to me.

I’ve seen many a Rosie walking on the sea floor. And also, the top bar was supposed to be more visible.

Looks cool but the model is low-res.

For some reason, the water doesn’t fit the bioshock feel for me.

Rated artistic anyway.

It’s one of the best maps for BioShock posing however.

Only thing I could say about the water is that it’s too bright, Rapture was hidden from sunlight.

I think there should be bubbles or more shit in the background of the water. I like the light on Rosie, though.

Not much to comment about… I’d say nice photoshop, but i prefer actual poses.

Maybe the lack of an underwater cyberpunk city in the background? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty good, although I can’t see a whole lot of effort put into the posing. Also, does Rapture really count as cyperpunk? I kinda think of it as a mix between biopunk (real genre) and steampunk… But that’s just my opinion.

Biopunk and steampunk are both derivatives of cyberpunk, but I see what you’re saying.

While the game is predominantly Biopunk, it does retain some cyberpunk visuals. The rapture cityscape kind of reminds me of Blade Runner. Y’know, besides being underwater.


I like it man. It has a good feel to it.

Big Daddies, always relevant.

Oi why didn’t my comment get in here the other time I posted.
Looks pretty good to me, allthough the water is a bit to light. And could use some bubbles.
Try isolating the BD and getting him on a different layer, then manually darken the sea (This shouldn’t affect the big daddy because its a different layer.) Then add more bubbly stuff and tada!

Anyway, could you maybe post it in the edit my screenshot thread? I just gotta feeling I want to edit it :3:

Stop complaining about this. if you think it’s such an issue. find a better fucking model for us to pose with. i’m sick of seeing you go “LAWL LO RES U SUK DUM FOR U” every thread i read.
Either link us to a better damn model or don’t moan.


Shush. he’s an annoying cock…

So fucking saved

Or you could just not use the model? If you don’t have the resources, don’t do the pose unless you’re happy with mediocre crap. Simple as.