A rumble in the jungle

Posing’s pretty good, but as usual, I don’t like your editing.

Doesn’t look good at all to be honest.
The posing looks off, the muzzleflash on the gun is badly positioned and unrealistic, the laser and blood is too cartoonish… the heads look too dark in comparison with their arms.

This man speaks the truth!

How about reading the criticism instead of ignoring it and making another half-assed pose.

to be honest, this is probably one of your worst
i mean you’ve done better, this doesn’t look like you tried

This, also the whole picture is blurry, and the laser impact looks very superimposed.


I know you probably wanted to try the new models that were gave to you, but one of the worst mistakes one can do is trying to rush a picture, take your time.

Alright folks, turns out I still have the save, going back to fix some stuff up.

I don’t mean to be rude, but the overall screenshot is not worth trying to fix it. You’d better take a new fresh start.

I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s worth, not worse.

I’ve got an excuse, I am a poor Frenchman. :eng101:

I have to say, Hunter, you take criticism really well. Mist people would have flipped shit. Bravo.

Took the advice, and re-did the whole thing.
Find the predator :smiley:

On the rock uncloaking?

I like the new pic, muzzle flash is better, but the guy being eaten looks a little stiff. Very nice.



Hey what the

Did you change the picture?


Alien and dude to the left look like they are dancing. Nice pic though.

Hmm, angle and composition are really boring, so is the action. Models don’t save it at all, sorry.