"Пребывание Морозная" A Russian cautiously moves ahead

Or in otherwords “stay frosty”
Been a while hasn’t it?
Listen to some unfitting but good thread music



Thanks Taggart for the russian

Looks good, the snow is ugly tho.

Had to cover up the fuckin source snow

What did you edit it with?

yay for plastic gear


You can make better snow if you use a noise filter, blur it a bit, and then mix with levels and do the color to aplha thing to remove the black.

I’m actually going to install gimp so I can explain it a bit better :stuck_out_tongue: hold on.

There is no direct translation for “Stay Frosty”, it don’t make any sence.
closest one would be “Быть Начеку”.
Picture is simple.

I’m guessing “stay frosty” is an American phrase so it doesn’t really make sense in Russian.


what kari said

I can’t use gimp.

I don’t know whether it is Ukrainian Cyrillic or Russian so if any one can clarify that would be amazing

maybe it’s american

It’s russian cyrillic

And yeah,if you retranslate the title back to english, you will get something like “Arrival frosty” where “frosty” is a feminine noun.

Conclusion: don’t use online translators,they’re shitty

Thanks for the tip ;D

So… err… yeah he’s totally stood there. Really, the picture is quite boring. The shading is quite sloppy and overly-done in places and looks like it was done with far too big a brush overall.

Conclusion: this man is correct

I haven’t done anything in two months.
rated you bad reading

Sorry I didn’t realise that gave you the excuse to do something shit.
Rated you dumb.

No but it does entitle me to lose most of my skill.

Your avatar just matches the guy’s head with perfection