A Russian hides from American Patrol. (Semi-Apocalyptic Picture)


Not a screenshot person, but looks nice. Could use editing in some places, and the ruble looks ugly imo. I like the fire and flashlight effects however.

Whats with the brown?

It looks nice, I especially like those Ragdoll Models, and weapons, But yea, the ruble looks kinda ugly, and the sky in the back could use some work, it looks like someone killed a smoker, or dumped beef flavoring into the atmosphere

You’d think the American would see the Russian’s suppressor.

Nice posing n such.

Where did you get that 9A-91?


Could use some AA, and nobody carries m4s by the carry handle, modern doctrine basically states that one should keep at least the strong side hand on the pistol grip as often as reasonably possible.

Beats the point of a carry handle.

“I saw your gun, russian!”

orange wall of doom

I don’t understand the background colour and the flashlight’s damn bright but posing is nice. And where did you get those both soldier models?

He made 'em, lol.

Hah that is an amazing fire you got there.

Epic pic, I also think that American saw the supressor.

Brown. Brown everywhere.

war haze

“man that tree has a great barrel sticking out of it”

“ya go check that out”

“It’s nothing…”

In all honest CC, the first is great and the flashlight beam is decent. The brown is very awkward but fits the situation.

I can’t imagine why you’d be actively looking for something and not have your rifle at the ready.