A Russian scouting a forest.

I know that there is clipping. C&C please.


Nja ik vind al die dumb’s bad readings en al die shit zo dom hier dus ik ga het zeker ook niet bij jou doen , Leuk plaatje, posing is prima en de kleuren zijn iets wat dof, maar het kan zo horen bij de foto :slight_smile: motion blur op de achtergrond is leuk. face posing is ook cool. Wel intressant plaatje dus :slight_smile:


didn’t need to speak in russian…

If that is russian, I am the pope.


Not the most exciting picture in the world.

I wasn’t really trying to achieve that, but thank anyway.

Lol, Isn’t it obvious that he is talking dutch to me.

For Titties Sake! Stop making such a stupid pictures. It is concern for all.

His finger’s going through the trigger guard…

Is that the L4d2 Bill?

Wow, you made yourself seem dumb, “Not flaming!!!” But its a good pic, but is that Bill???

No…it’s just a Russian reskin of him.