A Russian Soldier texts








I like the blood effects.

Thats what happens when your texting instead of looking for enemies :frowning:
Poor dude.

Also, the blood is too solid on some parts(blood dots). but its a really nice edit, it got a nice red tone(its not fucking bright as 95% of the blood edits around) and it works right for the impact.

Where did you get all those hawt models ?

I really liked it! Made me go :ohdear:

Now i’m sad… :frowning: But i love it :slight_smile:

My heart sank that last frame.

yeah I didn’t see that coming



nice blood edit too

Shoudn’t the text be in Russian instead of English :].

Pretty good.

He’s an immigrant.

Oh ok, Just wondering.

Maybe his Russian g/f speaks English.

Interesting, that’s a mystery only Sherlock Holmes can solve.


i am going to be late home soz mum love you

Well, now he’ll be back sooner than she expected.

Pretty cool.

Nice blood splat.

The last picture made me lol.