A rust inspired Gun

So 45 Hours later and after getting on the Community Site http://playrust.com/community-update-46/
I hope You All like this and let me Know what you Think and What else I Should Make.:downs:

And I’m looking for an Internship

Marmoset Viewer If you want to see it in 3D

ps. might make an ammo tuna can mag :rock:


Up Date
**Edit: Retextured in Substance Painter




Love that concept - Seems exactly like something the Rust visual guys would make :slight_smile: Well done bud!

I can’t put my finger on it, but it feels like the magazine is a bit out of place. You also need an exit chamber for the bullet shells.
Remember, with the cocker (Don’t know if that’s right?) on the right hand side, you’ve made a left-handed gun. The distance between the trigger and firing pin also look a bit off.

I hope you take this as constructive!

LOL I knew I was forgetting some think at let that will add to the other side and thank

Looks great but that thing would jam up in no time with a handful of dirt :slight_smile:
Also in the third picture the you can see through the cocking bolt barrel despite previous pictures showing it to be fully covered.
The Aussie Owen MK I, could be buried in sand and fire without jamming when retrieved.

Make an Owen MK I :slight_smile:

Almost feels like an auto shotgun from the length of the barrel and shape, which would be amazing.

**So is manged to get on this http://playrust.com/community-update-46/

But it wasn’t Finshed I took some of your advice and fixed it up and retextured it









so cool :"( but i am nub bought maya autodesk but dont know anything can u help me? i work with you? idk please! :frowning:

This could be a semi auto 20 gauge shotgun! :slight_smile:
I love the design!

I Use 3Ds Max and I’m In college for this and the crappy thing is the community for 3ds max and maya are worrable I used Blender 3d for 9 years befor I when to school and its bit easier to learn and there much more on youtube and the community if far better

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And i used Zbrush For the High poly Mesh

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Hey thank you

I’d llove to see a tuna can as a magazine. Would give it a PPSH-41 look

robert i got blender see how to move and etc i will learn shaping easy wanna know how to texture? is it like a brush? u should have art skills? you should paint like paint.net or normal windows paint or you can take a pic from before to it?

I was thinking about doing a barrel mag i thing a tuna can could work lol

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Are you just starting like just fresh start

ye wanna work on a simple face then more more more and then maybe like you so i glad :)))))

what i did when i first started was i watch a crap tone of tutorials

I added a Mag releases

These look really great! You should get an internship at Facepunch Studios. Also I don’t suggest replying to RustyKamyab, he is a bit of a troll of some sort.

Ya I seen that it looks like he was banned, And ya I would really like to learn some more skills like how tom dose he’s wraps and Ropes, and i not sure if it would happen or not ive applys for an intrnship with them haven’t heard back yet

I am still planing on making that just haven’t had the Time

Dude you did a great job on that, IMO it could be a semi auto variant of the Thompson.

I would love to see a semi-auto rifle, the one gun I would love to see in game. Amazing work!