A rust server that should be like all servers

I am a daily rust player just like you and I’m tired of the bullshit admins on most servers. The admin abuse on a lot of server are just terrible to a point that I just want to quit the game for a while. I know on this forum people complain about the admin abuse and their is nothing they can do. I even see streams of people who are owners of servers just abusing their players. Not gonna give out names but their are some. It’s no fun for anyone. I discussed this to my friends and they agreed with me. They actually wanted to start a server of their own that actually cares about the players and help players out if they need it. I decided to join the community with them. What we want to do is create a better rust experience for everyone. We want to create a great community for rust. We are hosting our own dedicated modded server for anyone to join. We are not hosting from a server company. It may sound like I’m advertising the server but I really just want to create a better rust experience for everyone. If you would like to join us for the ride, friend me on steam. Have a great day on rust my friend :smile:.