A S.W.A.T. Member Shooting

Finally got Photo-shop, been learning some new effects. This is my third picture here posted on Facepunch. :dance: This picture is of a S.W.A.T. member shooting.


C&C Please. :cheers:

No blur version is better, but the model and weapon look clay-ish.

Didn’t really feel like finding new models, had to stick with the low-res(ish) Counter-Strike Source ones.

The hand positioning is really bad. Take a moment to think about your posing and visualise a real person in your pose. Even better, use reference pictures or stand up and do the pose yourself and think about where every body part is (okay… not every body part).

As for the editing, look at Vman’s GIMP tutorial for how to do smoke and muzzleflashes and remember this:
Blurring entire pictures does not look good.

Finally, get some custom models and/or skins.

Will do sir! Thank you for the criticism.

Muzzle flash isn’t that good.

Wow, I have to improve more then I thought. :v:

Try making an assault rifle muzzle flash a bit like this:


Will do. Does anyone thinks the picture is even OKAY?

Its better than Ok. Not by far, but it beats most of the people’s poses. (Not including super-posers)

I wouldn’t recommend using that muzzleflash exactly. It’s quite overused.

Okay thanks! I will try my best to improve.

The Tactical Weapons Pack has lots of nice weapon models.

I’ll remember that, could you give me a link?

Lots of nice stuff, from AK-47s to M14s and back.

Sweet, thank you very much!

And check out Larry’s Weapon pack, it has lots and lots of weapon models.

Could you possibly link me to the Tutorial thread?

I like it, but I don’t like the standard models :frowning:

the shells are a cool