A salute to the addons/gamemodes that didn't make it.

Remember all those great gamemodes/addons you once knew and loved and always followed the progress of? But then it just faded into the distance? Yeah we all got at least one of them. So post your favorite oldie that disappeared/discontinued and tell us why you loved it so much. Here are some of mine.

Warmelons RTS
-Flinging explosive melons with a catapult was never so fun. Collect resources build an army/super contaption and let it loose on your enemies.

Spider mod-
Gave you spider powers and web slingin abilities, countless hours swinging on gm_bigcity.

Sadly, I don’t.

SGC needs to man up and release their Naval Play game code to people who can provide better servers. SGC Naval hasn’t been up the last few days either.

I dare you to try, and tell 50 that… Also, if you want a better server just donate. You wanna help with lua code…? Not sure how you would go about that, but ask Alteran. To put the icing on the cake we’ve got a whole resource system done… We’re waiting on a new map from a member.

Don’t say shit outta your ass >