A scar darkrp is making.

I have noticed after setting up my tacoscript2 server, ive got a few more regular good roleplayers, but some complete tools join and then I end up banning them. The number 1 question I get is “how do i get a job?!?”
Seriously this is what darkrp has done to roleplay damaging it, by making a general amount of people assume they go on get a job pew pew their friends seriously, that is my rant it makes roleplayers not use there head its basically sandbox were you wait for cash that’s all darkrp is!

Dont ban me its just im getting annoyed by players.

Well everytime someone joins the server I try to teach them and educate them insted of going “lol stupid noob GTFO”.

This is a wasteful thread…

I do this too. It’s kind of funny how they react to someone acting seriously and trying to RP well. You get shot surprising few times doing that, too.

And then after that, it’s “how do i get mor money?” and “how do i get gun?1”, right? I wish DarkRP worked itself more towards more real RP…

It’s not DarkRP. It’s the players, DarkRP just aided them into a particular form of …that. I’d be banned if I gave my opinion on what ruined roleplaying, I’m sure all those ** adults ** know what it is.




If I remember correctly your name is Slob. Slob hats everything Dark RP cause it pwned Gmod RP in popularity.

Dark RP has not damaged to roleplay community if anything it’s improved to population inside of the Roleplay community.

Me? If you’re talking to me I’m not Slob. Although he used to be a good friend of mine.


Also if it wasn’t clear, I said it wasn’t DarkRP.

No ;Roleplay World is Slob if I remember correctly. It was the account his group used too make updates to Gmod RP with.

Im not that person…


No. RP world isn’t slob.

I’m trying to remember what name he went under… But back on topic. Dark RP has not made a scar yet with an increase of a childish playerbase ,and as the older players grow older people begin to realize things they did before ,and try to reassure themselves that they never did that ,but the simple fact is we all did.

Stop calling me that address me with,

Arpee World
Roleplay World

It’s not that bad. But really, if you’re trying to get a serious server going, teach your new players if they need it. Better than just going “lol minge gtfo”, because this way you may expand your playerbase, and you don’t look like a dickhead.

I really try to see your point of view in pretty much everything, but truth is that for each post you make, it feels like you get either more hipocritical or ignorant. Sure, you make a few points now and then, but truth is, you seriously need to get off your high horse and stop thinking you know what “real” roleplaying is. It’s just idiotic to prusuit real roleplaying, since there are no false roleplaying, nobody likes an elitist, and making rants like this is like taking the highway there.

If you don’t like it, avoid it, but complaining about it is just disrespectful to alot of people.

He’s an idiot instead.

Deal with it nerde, it’s easier to call you RP World that Roleplay World, right RP World?

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - grea$emonkey))

I’ll GAURANTEE you that’s not slob. 100% posotive.


RP world is what people are going to call you, get over yourself, you’re not the mucho man who decides “You shall not call me by thy false name or I shall smight thee”

hahahah, but really, get over yourself.

Well back on. I think most pepole started out with Darkrp, I know I did. I rememer when I thought, “lol I am a gangster I shoot cops.” but then I grew tired of it. I was tired being a cafe owner and haveing a fucking minigun just to keep pepole from shooting me. Then I started to look into the more hardend roleplay. I decided to join a random Tacoscript coummunity called Live in Fear and then I started to improve my roleplay. So I guess once some pepole start seeing Darkrp is boring and repetive then they might looking into some outher stuff.

Stop Whining.

I feel partially responsible for DarkRP because if I just left it to die at version 2.1, nobody else would have picked it up. That said, I don’t regret fixing it since at least the code quality improved if nothing else. It’s far from perfect but it works well. Think: Windows. :smiley: