A scifi weapons deal


Alrighty, notes tiem

-I’m totally not ripping Ben off
-The blue lines and eyes and shit are because they are cyborgs, and cyborgs have blue lines and eyes and
-I <3 scifi bandana Zoey.
-I too like Sci-Fi poses apparently
-May have secks poses.
-Again, not stealing Bens idea (its out of love <3)
Aaannnddd Bens edit


The pose is good, but the blue lines are horrible.

Indeed, I was wondering how the blue lines make it SCI-FI

Good posing none the less.

I thought you were trying to make it look like they’re crying.

Looks like you gave a 3 year old a blue pencil and asked them to scribble on their faces.

The eyes don’t look good either, they’re too solid. Learn how to blending modes.

Ugh. That second one is just terrible.

Wolfe’s edit is great.