A Scout is murdered by a spy in an old TF2 build


I don’t even think this deserved its own thread but here goes

the only thing i’m really proud of here is the bloom

where’s the scout

oh wait now I see

-trigger finger is fucked up
-blurry as all hell scout hand

it looks like a first person, I think its the blur on the right side of the picture.

also, wheres the scene build it just looks like 2fort

I’m confused.

What is happening?

I think he means build as in game build

i.e the fact that spy has the tranq and beta suit

well i didn’t even think about it but let’s just say the spy shot the scout with the tranq which caused him to trip over and now he’s going to stab him to death

also yes taggart got it

His trigger finger is broken.

I cringed imagining how to bend my finger like that, ouch.

Too much blur on the Scout.