A scout jumping on a heavy's head

Sometimes,a hat is more of a disadvantage than a cosmetic prop.

That made me chuckle. :v:
Also where did scout’s hat go?

So I’m not the only one who knows how to get rid of the Scoots hat, eh?

nope :smiley:


Not that hard lol

freaking love this photo. Made me lol

I like it, overall the posing and all is great.

The fingerposing of the pistol-gripping hand looks very natural, but the palm is clipping.

It seems a bit odd that the thumb is behind scout’s trousers in the position, but what do you do…

Is the sniper pointing and laughing or pointing and looking terrified?

Still, as said, very good overall.

to answer some questions
The scout’s palm isn’t clipping, it’s his thumb that i posed so it appears like it grips the pistol

the thumb of the other hand isn’t behind his trouser, it just appears that way because of the angle

and yes the sniper is loling

Oh yeah, you’re right.

the thumb’s borders just line up perfectly with the borders of the trousers… funny.

who cares? (besides you)… The picture is amazing and his hands have little to no imperfections.

me? or did you mean me? whatever, I’d wager he cares about things like that in his own picture, and I care, wouldn’t have asked otherwise would I?

what’s the big deal?