A screenshot from a movie, HL2 themed movie that is.

I know it can be considered Generic, but it think it has a good mood to it.

So fuck off with saying :

Sick of that.
Now for the picture.


Ah. This I like. Love the atmosphere.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

… Too generic.


I like the atmosphere, something bothers me with those glasses tho, I have no ideas why.

I don’t like the positioning of his back arm, but it’s a wonderful screenshot nonetheless! Good job.

Also, “Jesus Bob Sagget Christ, I think my ass just died!”

:smiley: You’re the first one to find it!

I have a really bright monitor. I mean really, really REALLY bright :v:

jpeg_quality 100


Ingame, Jpeg quality 100.

Photoshop, Jpeg quality 100.

Hmm…might be due to lack of mipmaps on that model then. Carry on.

Looks really generic.

Bob Sagat! I like.

Nice work, I like it. Good contrast on yer feller there.

Choke on my pubes.

Everyone else, thanks. :slight_smile:

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It’s not generic, just really fucking boring. It’s just an old guy standing in a lab. Not much to look at besides the nice lighting.

if you know something is generic, why make it generic and then rage at people who point out the obvious

the lighting is okay and the backdrop is decent enough, but the foreground is boring as fuck. it’s just an old guy standing there de-wedgifying himself.

Hey go fuck yourself you cock eating faggot. I was being nice, but you’re just a total dickhead.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - SteveUK))

I don’t know what happened to his face, it looks like he has progeria. Besides that, it’s good.

I’d rather have you explaining its generic then saying it is.

Read the OP bro.

the op reads like you don’t want to hear a word about genericness.

so, to clarify: you want to hear why it is, but not that it is?