A script to Spam "+attack"

Hi, In DarkRP there is a mine and to mine you need to rapidly click left mouse click (attack)
Can someone make a script (To put in autoexec.cfg not an LUA script so it will work on sv_allowcslua 0 servers without a bypasser)
So when I click F6 it will spam +attack (Like I rapidly click left mouse click) Untill I press F9 to stop it.
If you manage to make this it will be AWESOME!
Tnx for future helpers!

just go download an autoclicker

Aint working ingame, Beside I want it to work while the game is minimized to I can surf the web lol

You can’t spam a command with just console commands. You need Lua.

I think RunConsoleCommand exists in menustate.

Something along the lines of
then maybe a timer of some sort.

RunConsoleCommand is Lua

Just tape your mouse button down or go buy a vibrator or something.

Make make it like a bhop script? It spams jump so can someone make it spam attack?

//The Script

alias bhop_bind “+jump;wait 2;-jump;wait 2;+jump;wait 2;-jump;wait 2;+jump;wait 2;+jump;wait 2;bhop_jump”
alias bhop_comm “alias bhop_jump bhop_bind”
alias bhop_stop “alias bhop_jump”
alias +bhop “bhop_comm;bhop_jump”
alias -bhop “bhop_stop;-jump”

//The Bind

bind “space” “+bhop”

something like that? Because when I ran it it said it didnt knew what “wait” is…

Wait is disabled by default via a cvar.

Well with lua there are tons of scripts which allow you to do that but without lua…

Just RunConsoleCommand in the menu state in a think hook or timer.

Dunno if Autohotkey works in gmod but you could try that.