A script to Spam attack

Hi, In DarkRP there is a mine and to mine you need to rapidly click left mouse click (attack)
Can someone make a script (To put in auto exec not an LUA script so it will work on sv_allowcslua 0 servers without a bypasser)
So when I click F6 it will spam +attack (Like I rapidly click left mouse click) Untill I press F9 to stop it.
If you manage to make this it will be AWESOME!
Tnx for future helpers!
Please dont say autoclicker


Anyone? Please? Save me and alot others ALOT of time?

You should be able to just type +attack and -attack in console to toggle it.
Unless it’s a weapon that doesn’t keep firing if +attack is held down.
To bind it, I think it’s something like bind key “;+attack” to make it toggle rather than fire once.

Try http://www.mpgh.net

[lua]timer.Create(“spam”, 0.5, 0, function() RunConsoleCommand("+attack") timer.Simple(0.5, function() RunConsoleCommand("-attack") end) end)[/lua] ?