A scripted npc who detect the player models?


I was working on a hl2rp server and, just for fun, I put a npc combine while I was a combine Overwatch and he started to shoot me!

And then I though “I need some snpc that detect if you are a combine or not”

So I ask to you who read this post:

Can you make a:

  • Citizen who walk around witout shooting or other
  • Rebel who shoot player who have a combine models(metrocop, elite, soldier, scaner, manhack) and combine npc.
  • Combine who shoot only the rebel(npc and player), not the citizen
    and manhack who kill the rebel
    and a other mahack who kill rebel and citizen!

Thanks if you make it!

(sorry for my bad speling (i’m french) and stop saying “this is the translation guy”)

Well, you dont need SNPCS for this, But you can do it via using SetRelationShip on npcs instead.

Im sure there was something on gmod for this type of thing.

I will try, thanks

Not a problem, If theres anything wrong with it ill try and take a look at it.