A secret agent making a not-so subtle getaway on an airstrip...

…in a tank.

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I couldn’t find any suitable russians, sadly.

I swear I watched that movie 3 times in a row once…

It’s cool that someone else has seen it.

It’s how shit gets done.


Somehow I knew before I opened media, it would be GoldenEye.

Who hasn’t watched Goldeneye?

It’s considered one of the best Bond movies.

Also Isabella Scorupco is absolutely smokin’ :q:

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Once the WiC ones come out, maybe remake it with them? That would look stunning.

I probably will. Hopefully they’ll be more flexible and easier to pose than the national guard guys.

Where’d you get the tank by the way?

It was in Goldeneye: Source.

I was originally going to pose this on the runway map in it, but it’s pretty bad looking compared to most of the other maps in it.

Wait, I just noticed…


I :h: Pierce Brosnan. I always thought he was the best bond, but sadly not in the best movies. Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery :h:

Curse that Daniel Craig for ruining Bond for me!

B-but Daniel Craig owns…


That’s why we have ushankas.

How dare you! He ruined the series :frowning: Cliwe Owen should’ve gotten the part.

I dunno duder, Casino Royale was amazing.

As did I.

HURRgngngghhh that music


And I personally consider Brosnan the best Bond :slight_smile: I mean Craig is decent but I just don’t feel like he looks the role. Same goes for the old ones for me personally.

By the way, how were you able to get Goldeneye: Source models and maps working in Gmod? I tried getting that airport to work a while back but it had a bunch of missing textures.