A see you running 'round town with the bomb i love, and i'm like Fed Ex.

The Fed Ex Theme Song:


Version with no text and nice boundaries


and the 2006 version of which i based it on


Turned 21 today :3


Ex gon givit to ya
Fuck waitin for you to get it on your own
Ex gon deliver to ya

This is glorious.

I like USPS better.

Amazing!! LoL that song too

awesome Man!

It is amazing to see how much changed everything changed since 2006, love it crazy. <3

Amazing like always, you pictures are always wonderfully posed and edited, and has humour all around.
And happy birthday(If that’s what you meant by turning 21.) hope you get loads of nice stuff, or cash.

That’s pretty badass. Happy birthday man.

Happy Birthday bro, you’ll always be one of my favorites. :slight_smile:

This is exactly how FedEx got me my book yesterday.

Ha, awesome work. Also, happy birthday.

I still think UPS is better.

Reminds me of 2008.

Happy B-Day. Remaking your first pic was an awesome idea.

Wonderful CK.


also happy birthday

No. It’s how FedEx typically gets me anything.