A Semi truck.

Yay, I built something. :v:
A fuxin american roadtrain.


Unfortunately I kinda ran out of space in the interior, and I’m too lazy to fix it so…


I gotta work on some tiny details, wire stuff and obviously a trailer.

honk honk

And happy new year ppl.


Note the trailer in the vid was made in like 3 minutes, just to drive around with something. Better, more detailed trailer will maybe come soon.

Love the detail and you got the shape down but LOL at the interior. People couldnt sit in it

Kenworth W900.

Lol. When I was building it, I used pic of Peterbilt 379*. Not supposed to be totally like it, I just wanted to know where to put stuff and get the proportions right (fucking pain).

This the one you were driving around in on sax’s ? Didn’t think it was you.


Nice truck! I really like it! I have a question: Will you make interchangeable trailers? Or will you just make a single box trailer and make it integral to the truck?

cool shit babe

Interchangeable, meaning you can simply undo and redo the axis, lol.

Added crappy vid.

too bad you can’t sleep in the cab without getting motor raped.

Improved the interior a bit, and added some little details.


looks nice

You still can’t sleep in the back in the updated version. That is what the back half is for. What if you had to drive for 20 hours straight with 2 drivers and you couldn’t lay down to sleep?

J/K dude. Nice truck.

Looks cool but the front wheels are wobbly.